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传奇世界之不死之身:-Dapper实验室与ChainAnalysis协作遏止根据NFT的洗钱活动 传奇世界之不死之身: Dapper实验室与ChainAnalysis协作遏止根据NFT的洗钱活动 Dapper Labs, one of the most successful companies in the NFT space, has partnered with Chainalysis, a blockchain intelligence company, to increase its compliance profile in the NFT business. The company will use Chainalysis insights to have a better understanding of each one of the transactions that users make with their products and the purpose of each transaction. This will help them detect money laundering instances and market manipulation attempts. Dapper Labs to Use Chainalysis’ Solutions to Increase Oversight Dapper Labs, the creators of notable projects like Cryptokitties and NBA Top Shots, has partnered with Chainalysis, one of the leading blockchain intelligence companies, to increase oversight of transactions involving its products. The company is seeking to have a better understanding of what users are doing with its creations, and if these are indeed being leveraged by bad actors for illicit purposes. NFTs have gotten a bad rap, with some members of the cryptocurrency community making allegations they are being used to launder money due to the outrageous prices of some of these NFTs. Dapper Labs acknowledges the need for more awareness to make their products safer for anyone wishing to enjoy NFT markets. Naeem Bawla, associate director of compliance at Dapper Labs, stated: NFTs are one of the most exciting spaces in cryptocurrency, but they will only be successful in the long-term if we can ensure a safe environment for our customers. NFT Boom and Chainalysis Weapons While NFTs had been largely ignored due to their low trading volumes, this year all that changed, with NFT projects reaching more than $1 billion traded. This has increased concern about the legitimacy of the funds moved in such markets, with companies like Dapper Labs growing increasingly worried about the effectiveness of the compliance measures taken.Dapper实验室将运用两种不同的链分析东西。第一个是ChainAnalysis KYT(了解你的买卖),该公司宣称它能够实时符号不合法和危险买卖,在产生任何不妥行为时提示Dapper Labs。该公司将运用的另一个东西是ChainAnalysisReactor,它将答应该公司对任何买卖进行查询和后续查询。这些东西构成了链分析武库的一部分,经过这个根据NFT的合规性的新用例来冲击违规行为。