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修罗武圣txt下载:-罗比尼奥的方针是在即将到来的IPO中取得350亿美元的商场估值 修罗武圣txt下载: 罗比尼奥的方针是在即将到来的IPO中取得350亿美元的商场估值 An amended prospectus filed yesterday by Robinhood indicates the company is aiming to get a valuation of up to $35 billion in its upcoming IPO. The fee-free options, cryptocurrency, and stock trading service is expecting to sell up to 55 million shares and raise more than $2 billion when the IPO launches next week. Robinhood Aims for $35 Billion Valuation Robinhood, the fee-free, trade-it-all exchange, is aiming to achieve a valuation as high as $35 billion in its upcoming IPO, according to an amended prospectus filed with the SEC on Monday. The exchange, which is reportedly going public as soon as the next week, expects to sell about 55 million shares in its IPO to raise more than $2.3 billion in the process, with a share price in the range of $38 to $42. The exchange, whose self-imposed mission is to democratize access to investment products, reached a valuation of $11.7 billion last September. At the time, Robinhood raised $460 million in an extension of its Series G funding round, with the participation of Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, DST Global, Ribbit Capital, 9Yards Capital, and D1 Capital Partners. Robinhood had a very strong first quarter, fueled by an increase in trading interest due to Covid-19 and other factors. During that quarter, it produced $522 million in revenue, also aided by cryptocurrency-related trades, with the rise of dogecoin being a significant factor. Crypto Business Booming Robinhood was one of the companies that took advantage of the cryptocurrency trading madness earlier this year. The company revealed in its IPO filing that more than 9.5 million customers used its platform to trade $88 billion in cryptocurrency. The doge-mania that affected the market also benefited Robinhood. In the same filing, the company revealed that more than a third of its Q1 crypto revenue was attributable to dogecoin.其根据加密钱银的事务的昌盛也引起了监管组织的忧虑。本月早些时候,美国证券交易委员会推迟了罗比尼奥的初次揭露募股,原因是对罗比尼奥商业模式中加密部分的忧虑。尽管这一推迟的详细细节尚不清楚,但它标明加密钱银正在监管组织的视界中,跟着Robinhood这样的公司上市,状况可能会更糟。